It is absolutely amazing how something as simple as order can create a more stress-free environment in your life. What I am referring when I say order is organization, and less clutter in your home. Think about the last time you cleaned your child’s room or some other area of your home. Do you remember how you felt after you were done? (I am not referring to the exhaustion, etc)

Personally for me, there is a sense of completion, success and positive feelings. Not only will you have a sense of peace when you declutter your home, you will also begin to declutter your life.

I have included a few tips below that can help you start the process to declutter your home. Keep in mind that you are not going to be able to get it all done at once, and should focus on a longer term goal. If you can make it through, you will realize the rewards are well worth every moment you spent.

1. Storage – Storage areas are a good place to start. Once you have more room in storage areas, it is easier to put things up that you might want to save for later. Remember that you are not just moving your stuff around – from one cluttered area to another. Choose wisely what you need to store, as later on you could run out of room!

2. Tiny steps – Try not to tackle everything at once. Doing it all is going to be a turn-off and even have you making excuses to stop. Spend 15 to 20 minutes a day tackling some area of your home. I found that when I do the laundry, the wash cycle is about 20 minutes long. I use this time to focus on an area to declutter.

3. Organization – There are some cheap items you can pick up to help in the organization of your clutter. If you are like me, you put the mail down day after day and it just starts to look messy. Find yourself storage containers, tiered trays, or small baskets and tubs to take care of the organization. Labelling is a great idea too as you can force yourself to only use the storage for what you intend.

4. Discriminate – Do not make excuses to keep everything you have. It is important when you start to declutter your home that you choose what to keep and what to get rid of. Some of it might be best going to the local thrift store, other things to recycling, and then the rest is trash. What can you live without? Why are you holding on to something that you have never used or have no plans to use? Could someone else benefit from something I never use? These are just a few questions to ask yourself as you declutter your home. If all you end up doing is re-sorting your clutter, there is really no point, and feeling that sense of accomplishment and freedom will be minimal.

I have only touched on a few ideas and there are many more ideas out there when you start to declutter your home. In my efforts to get my life in order, I looked for help and discovered an awesome resource book.

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