Fashion Makeover – Get Dressed, Not Stressed!

get dressed not stressedGet Dressed, Not Stressed! – Look Fabulous No Matter What Your Size, Weight or Age

Gather thе fashion secrets thаt designers, celebrities, models аnd actresses υѕе tο mаkе themselves look fabulous. In thіѕ fashion makeover handbook, Rita unveils thе science behind choosing thе rіght clothes аnd structure fοr уουr body type аnd skin tone.

Get Dressed, Not Stressed! is like no other book that you’ve read about fashion makeovers.


Because it leaves out the fluff and just gives you the basic facts. Everything you need to know to get started is in the book.

You’ll discover all sorts of exciting tips, including:

  • How to discover your true style and use it to look your best (page 12)
  • How to get professional fashion consulting at NO COST to you (page 45)
  • How to draw attention away from your figure flaws (page 19)
  • How much your clothes are REALLY costing you (page 29)
  • The truth about make-up and what it can’t hide (page 39)
  • Why you don’t want to waste your money on a fashion makeover (page 43)
  • What you can never wear to work if you want to be taken seriously (page 49)
  • How to never waste money on the wrong jewelry (page 35)
  • The clothes you absolutely must have if you want to advance in business (page 47)
  • How to buy designer clothes for cents on the dollar (page 37)
  • The biggest factor, apart from your body shape, that stops you from looking your best (page 23)
  • How to stop being a slave to fashion . . . and giving the designers all your hard-earned cash (page 36)
  • Three simple questions that will protect you from buying an item of clothing that you’ll NEVER wear (page 37)