Homemade Convenience Foods: A Healthier Alternative

We all know how hard it can be to break a habit, especially when it seems like it is saving us a load of time and stress. How often do people find themselves in the drive thru lane of their favourite fast food joint ready to order some pre-made quickie breakfast or lunch just because they slept that extra five minutes that morning, or decided to take the extra time under the hot jets of water in their morning shower? Image though that you had taken out a bag of pancakes you had made up a few days before and just had to throw them in the toaster for two minutes. If you had prepared them with cinnamon or other flavourful spices, you wouldn’t even need to worry about syrup, you could just take them in hand and be out their door in no time.

There are many items that can be made in bulk while you are already cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Take dishes like lasagne for instance. How much more work would it take to make 2 trays at one time? You could serve on for dinner and pop the other tray in the freezer for a quick dinner the next week. Since you have already made the decision to make your own recipe, you can choose the ingredients that go in your dish. You can be sure to add healthy ingredients, fresh from your own garden perhaps, and know that none of the chemicals or additives that are so often put in pre-packaged foods to help keep their shelf life longer, are present in your food.

Choosing to grow your own fruits and vegetables is a fun and affordable way to ensure that you are not getting foods that have been sprayed with ingredients that could cause harm to you or your family in the future. If you grow a lot of food, you could purchase items such as a food dehydrator and dry and package the food for use as needed. Most dehydrated foods retain most of their natural vitamins and minerals and are good for up to several years when packaged and stored in the correct manner. Learning how to make your own jam, yogurt and salad dressing can ensure that you are not getting any unnecessary amounts of sugar, salt or other ingredients that could cause health problems in the long run. Diabetes is on the rise, with too many people buying and eating foods that are pre-packaged with unhealthy amounts of sugar.

By taking a few minutes or a couple hours out of your week, you can feel confident that you are helping your family eat the best choices they can have with all of the taste still to be enjoyed. The Hillbilly Housewife has created a book that will get you started learning what needs to be done to create your own homemade convenience foods that are chock full of goodness and will save you both time and money. Get on the road to keeping your family healthy today!

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