Homemade Convenience Foods: Healthy Body, Healthy Budget

As tempting as it is to just go and by the convenient pre-packaged food at the grocery store, more families should really stop to take stock of how much money is being spent and how much better off they could be if they just took a little more time to prepare their own homemade convenience foods. Many people may think that they are too busy to prepare a healthy version of their favourite convenience food such as honey granola or even ready-made waffles.

There is an old saying about pre-packaged and convenience foods you find in the grocery stores. If you are reading the ingredients on the label and it consists of sugar being one of the first items, as well as there being many more ingredients listed with syllables you cannot even pronounce, it is an indication that you should not be eating it because it is not real food. Studies are just starting to show how much damage all of the chemicals and food substitutes are doing to our bodies. What we think could save us time now, could steal time from us later on.

If you think that it is more expensive to prepare you own homemade convenience foods, you should think again. Just setting aside two hours every Sunday night could end up providing you with healthy alternatives and additions for your menu for the whole week or even the entire month, depending on what you choose to make. Don’t think you have the time to set aside 2 hours on a Sunday? Or perhaps you do not know where to start or how to make your own foods. Susanne Myers has come up with some recipes and tips to help you get started. You could start with something small like a soup base, pancake mix, or homemade yogurt, and then move on to something more elaborate such as homemade pizza with self-rising crust or your own corn tortillas. Once you see the many choices you have for making homemade convenience foods and the fun you can have making them, you will wish you had started things sooner.

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